We produce aroma frankincense according to an old Mount Athos recipe. We use natural raw frankincense derived from Yemen, Sudan and Egypt as raw material – no impurities and artificial hardeners. Our selection of high quality scents is created thanks to rare and old recipes with the proven aromas in the world – Jerusalem, Byzantine, Sparto, Nazareth, Fouli, Black Rose, Pasha and our most famous and sought-after aroma Smyrna.

The end product is of unique quality and highly valued in the Christian world. You may recognize our frankincense by the distinctive yellow box made of high quality cardboard with glossy finish on the bottom that symbolizes the antient Bulgarian alphabel (Glagolitsa).

We import raw incense with proven origin from Yemen, Sudan and Egypt. There are several types of raw incense according to the trees from which they are extracted and the size of the grains.

The collections of the various monasteries are used as names for the scents but often have a distinctive note with each manufacturer. This is because, over the years, incense masters have turned the production into an art striving to find the best fragrance to raise the human spirit with prayers during worship.